It’s about passion and expression. I don’t do this because I have to. I do it because it’s what I’ve always done. Artwork, an expression in some medium or another spills out of me relentlessly. It’s always been this way since I was a child. A gift or a curse from the universe, and sometimes I think the results are like a child I gave birth to. The artwork takes on a life of its own and interacts with people with their reflections, expression, and causes an impact. …

I’m awake.
Take a step.
Ride my way, peddle past, Peddle free.

Scratch a fret.
Play with me.

I’m alright, I’m alright, I’m alright, I’m alright.

Whatda say, today?
Pass the…


An ascent into descendant,
Like a circle, we glide
Leaning into the wind.

Embrace the knowing,
Awakening the love
Deep within.

I’m always here,
Forgetful I might be
To switch that light on,
Light that flame,
open that door.

That of you/me,
Which is always and never-ending;
Never forgetting
Becomes constant remembrance
Setting us free.

That flame
Of greatness, light, love
universal energy.

I am the fire starter,
The flame keeper.

I am the ancient river goddess,
She cares
To seek me,
Heal me,
And teach me
always embracing me.

Ancient riverbed
You are alive
Within me.

I seek you out among the rocks,
Dirt and the constant sound of water
washing over me.

You shimmer and gleam
So clear and perfect like me/we.

- — Pamela VITALE, Monticello, NM, 2016

Noomy the Cat-a-pillar by Pamela Vitale (2015) [dedicated to the memory of Peter Everett and Noomy]

Noomy likes to ride motorbikes with his best friend Peter. He rides in Peter’s backpack cause it's safe and warm or atop his helmet for the best views ever. They sometimes ride into town, the cemetery, to the park or into the woods; where else might they go, can you give us a clue?

Noomy like to ride in the basket of Peter’s pedal bike so when they go to the farmers market he gets to smell the pick of the season and sneak…

{A Hipsters Worst Nightmare}

Written by Pamela Vitale
and Megan O’Leary

Based on an original concept
by Pamela Vitale

Includes Promo Video, Elevator Pitch, Trans-media
Strategy: Gaming, Brand Partnerships, and Extensions

Please request: Promo Script, Web series (6 episodes), MP3s Soundtrack


SCENE 1: Dark empty industrial-like street in Red Hook, Brooklyn— it’s the first time Enzo Black meets this new gang.

We see ENZO walking down the street, a bit wary, straggly; he appears to have been walking a long time, with no particular destination.

A car is flying down the street with a loud roar and…

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