pamela VITALE
1 min readMar 16, 2016


An ascent into descendant,
Like a circle, we glide
Leaning into the wind.

Embrace the knowing,
Awakening the love
Deep within.

I’m always here,
Forgetful I might be
To switch that light on,
Light that flame,
open that door.

That of you/me,
Which is always and never-ending;
Never forgetting
Becomes constant remembrance
Setting us free.

That flame
Of greatness, light, love
universal energy.

I am the fire starter,
The flame keeper.

I am the ancient river goddess,
She cares
To seek me,
Heal me,
And teach me
always embracing me.

Ancient riverbed
You are alive
Within me.

I seek you out among the rocks,
Dirt and the constant sound of water
washing over me.

You shimmer and gleam
So clear and perfect like me/we.

- — Pamela VITALE, Monticello, NM, 2016