Why I Create Art.

It’s about passion and expression. I don’t do this because I have to. I do it because it’s what I’ve always done. Artwork, an expression in some medium or another spills out of me relentlessly. It’s always been this way since I was a child. A gift or a curse from the universe, and sometimes I think the results are like a child I gave birth to. The artwork takes on a life of its own and interacts with people with their reflections, expression, and causes an impact. I’m just doing my job by letting them come out of me, giving birth to them, and then letting them go.




http://xyeye.com, @pamelavitale www.LinkedIn.com/in/PamelaVitale

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pamela VITALE

pamela VITALE

http://xyeye.com, @pamelavitale www.LinkedIn.com/in/PamelaVitale

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